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Realistic Typing effects on CMD | TypeIt by Kvc | Addition to typewriter by Zeek

In this article, we are going to learn about the usage and functionality of the TypeIt plugin written by KVC. This program can help in creating a bit more realistic typing effect on CMD for the end user, as it adds random delays with random characters, therefore, making it seem like a human is typing -In simple words it tries to simulate human typing. You can download this plugin from our GitHub. TypeIt is an extension of the Typewriter plugin which was created by ZeekHalkyr.

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Syntax and Usage

The syntax of the TypeIt plugin is as simple as it can get. You just have to call the TypeIt batch file, and enter the text which you want to be displayed. Then, the entered text will be displayed with a typewriter effect that tries to simulate human typing.

Call TypeIt [Text]


  • ver: Displays version of the program
  • help: Displays help for the program
  • Text: Text to display on the console screen

Example: call TypeIt "This is a Test"

Note: Make to surround the text with Double Quotes


This plugin is an extension of the Typewriter plugin. On one hand, the typewriter plugin types the given string with the same (constant) time difference in character which is stated by the user. Whereas TypeIt creates a much more realistic time delay between the character. These delays are random thus making it feel like a human is typing a text, not a robot.

As you can see in the above demonstration of the TypeIt plugin there are no fixed time intervals between the characters. In effect, it is more like us humans as we usually think while typing and the delay between different characters vary according to the person typing it.


This article was about the TypeIt plugin which will be helpful to the users in creating a realistic typing effect on CMD as it tries to simulate human typing. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, Please share your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to join our Discord and YouTube community. for more plugins like this visit our site Batch-man. Thank you for reading.

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