This platform is inspired by the son of Gotham… THE BATMAN. I love to code and share my projects with others (mostly scripts), and I found out that other people also wanted to do the same, but they all lack a common platform to do so. We mainly focus on Script projects to create quick solutions for a particular problem that needs to be solved.

What is Batch-Man?

Batch-Man is a platform – where I review and share hobby project work from myself or others. The projects are selected based on their usefulness for individuals. Sometimes Submitted projects from others are also reviewed and shared on this platform. So, feel free to SUBMIT your best work. so, that others can see, comment & use it.


If needed, we can use other’s work efficiently in our projects and give them proper credits. This will increase the trust and value of people in the community. And, our main goal behind this platform is to gather enough practical projects – So, new students of computer science or software programming can learn things practically, and for free, here.

Who Am I?

I am the Batch-Man.

“A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple as sharing their creative work with others, and reassuring that Humanity is still alive!”

My day-time identity… is “Karanveer Chouhan” (Kvc). And, I am handling everything on the batch-man.com platform with the help of my team and all your support. We are maintaining all the backend & frontend issues, So things can be slow sometimes. Please bear with us. 🙂

My Journey

About the Website

This website can be considered as the catalog of creations from the awesome creators. And, the explanation of their projects in their own words. Mostly Scripting projects will be shared here, but deep concepts and research of individual programmers also make a very big part of the website. I will be sharing my experience of learning almost everything about computers starting from just knowledge of a few CMD commands as well. 🙂