This page contains some extra extensions/batch plugins/CMD plugins for making your programming projects more easy, reliable, and more advanced. Here, we’re sharing some of them that we’re using to make our batch programs more effective. You can download them, and use them in your batch programs/hybrid projects. If you like our work, please do give feedback! This will make us be able to improve our work and the site.

Most of the following plugins have been created By Kvc, but not all. You can also find the creations of some amazing programmers, who keep on putting efforts into making programming a better and easy-to-learn language. Download the required extensions by simply clicking on the corresponding link in the following table.

Make sure to check out BatCenter to easily download the plugins from CMD without needing to download them from here!

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Steve Jobs
AC 1.0
MICHA£ BUKOWSKIAllows precise math calculation with decimals/floating point integers.DOWNLOAD
AC 1.1MICHA£ BUKOWSKIIt allows Precise Mathematical Calculation with advanced math functions.DOWNLOAD
Progress KvcThis program will Show a CLI progress bar on the cmd Screen! It will help in making your programs more user Friendly.DOWNLOAD
BackupKvcThis program can backup your PC Folders to Your FTP server easily.DOWNLOAD
FnCKvcThis program can generate a skeleton for you to start your projects easy! This will generate the folder structure of the project and you will find the generated file in the ProjectName\src\ folder.
ReplaceLineKvc & Anic17Replace a Line in a Text File.DOWNLOAD
ReadLineKvcReads a File and prints specific line on the console.DOWNLOAD
DelLineKvcDelete any line from a text file.DOWNLOAD
KvcAdd a line in a text file at the desired location (Line number)DOWNLOAD
AaciniShow Ascii codes of string literals and Batch variables.DOWNLOAD
SachaDee It prints png/jpg/bmp images on screen without dialog box.DOWNLOAD
AES 1.0Fatih KodakDecode/Encode files/data using the AES algorithm.DOWNLOAD
Kvc & Anic17This utility will help you to search, download, install, view the batch plugins from selected sources, you can search and see details about them before downloading.DOWNLOAD
Kvc & Anic17A plugin to update environment settings without rebooting or logging off using WM_SETTINGCHANGE system call.
MaskedInputAnic17A plugin to mask input in batch files.DOWNLOAD
StringReplace 1.0Anic17To find a string in a file and then replace it by another one.DOWNLOAD
DarkbatcherBATBOX is an external command that allows using console graphically.DOWNLOAD