Submit your work!

Submit your work in the field of programming here, But you must follow the following simple terms in order to get your projects accepted in Batch-Man:

  1. Give proper credit to the authors of the program or libraries. If you made the project yourself, credit your dependencies.
  2. Utilize as many comments as possible, as long as they aren’t unnecessary. The code should be easy to piece apart from a fellow developer.
  3. Do not submit obfuscated/encrypted programs. If the program involves obfuscation, ensure its details are decrypted when submitting.
  4. Link your code, do not paste it into the submission form. We suggest you use GitHub to store your project, including the source code, a demonstration file, and a built executable.
  5. Remember to create a help function or a file for your executable, so that users can understand your program.
  6. Explain the problem(s), and the process of creating your plugin below so that it can be reflected well on the site.

Submission Form

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