Submit your work!

Submit your work in the field of programming here, But you must follow the following simple terms in order to get your projects accepted in batch-man:

  1. If you’re using the code of some other author in your submitted entry as a sub-code, Do Give Proper Credits. (As this will not decrease your reputation)
  2. Do give as max. comments as you can in your Code. So, it’ll be easier to understand the code and Maybe some good programmer may upgrade it.
  3. Do not obfuscate, encode or encrypt your Code. It reduces the trust and not good for other programmers to Edit/update/read.
  4. Don’t Copy-Paste your whole code here in the Form, it will create a mess.
  5. Just upload your Project + Documentation + Source Code to GITHUB or any other Online storage and Paste the Link to download in the form.
  6. Do create a help message/Readme.txt File for telling usage of your project, so that we can understand it without reading the whole code. (‘/?’ Help menu)
  7. Also, Create a Little Explanation of the Plugin/Program/Project You are sharing with the world, in Your own words. Because no-one can know your creation better than you.

Submission Form

Github, Media-Fire, G-Drive or any else.
Describe the Entry to help us understand
Try to be as much clear as possible.