My Journey – From Nobody to Kvc

It all started in 2011, when my father gifted me a Chinese phone – because we could only afford that much at that time. and, I browsed the internet on that phone, looking for the solution of – “Hide Folder in windows“. It took more than 20 seconds to just load the page (Because, 2G internet + Special phone)

And, the journey begins officially, when I got my laptop in 2013. Yes! 2 years after that… And, until 2013 – I was writing down all researched CMD commands in a notebook, and making notes to understand each and every part of a command.


I was good at memorizing things. So, I never practiced a command practically on PC till 2013. 1 year later, my brother Namish Kashyap advised starting a Blog, where I will share my work. (2014)

From nothing to blogger

In 2014, We created a free blog at a blogger named Batch And, later due to home conditions & My College, it took us 2 years (2016) to just buy a Domain name officially. And, we finally bought – – which is short for The Batch Archive Team.

From blogger to WordPress

Then, after some time – due to the lack of tools available on blogger, we moved to WordPress and started creating awesome projects that everyone liked and appreciated. but, After some time – Job & life responsibilities grabbed us both and we didn’t continue for at least a year. (2017, 18, 19)

The TeamWork

But, then I was able to gather a team – where every team member had a specific task. And, we all worked together for almost 7-8 months (Dec-2019 to July-2020). The team was growing, and then suddenly things happened. The Lack of proper team communication, team trustworthiness, and support was down.

I was all stuck in Micro-Managing the team members, thus – I was not able to do my own job – which is creating programs and writing stuff.

The end is the new beginning

Finally, with a heavy heart – to reduce any future conflict and preventing things from getting worst – I decided to close TheBATeam Project in Aug-2020. Now, that project is no longer supported by the official team.

but, as end is the new beginning – I am now more free and independent to start I can focus more on creating new programs and sharing them with you.

It is always darkest, before the Dawn!