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Display Images Without Dialogbox-AFFPNG BY SACHADEE

In this article, we are going to learn about the usage and functionality of the AFFPNG plugin. This program helps us in displaying png/jpg/bmp images on the screen without a dialog box and at any given coordinates. You can even display multiple Images one after another at the same time which will seem like an animation. you can also adjust the tempo and delay between the images which will make the animation effect faster or slower. You can download this plugin from our GitHub. This plugin was created by SachaDee.

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Syntax and Usage

For the syntax of AFFPNG, you just have to call the AffPNG batch file and enter the path of the Image or text file containing all the image names, separated by coma(for more than one Image) you want to display. Then you can enter optional features if you want to use them. These features will help you set the coordinate of images going to be displayed, the tempo of output, and the delay between images.

AffPNG ["Fichier[PNG,GIF,JPG,BMP]Script[TXT]"] [opt. [/XPos "Pixel"]] [opt. [/YPos "Pixel"]] [opt. [/tempo "Milliseconde"]] Script [opt. [/Vitesse "Milliseconde"]]


  • PNG/GIF/JPG/BMP/Script.txt: Path of the Image file or Path to the Text file (containing all the image names, separated by a comma)
  • /XPos: To Modify the X position of the Image on the Screen (in the center by default)
  • /YPos: To Modify the Y position of the Image on the Screen (in the center by default)
  • /tempo: To adjust the Tempo of Output in milliseconds
  • /Vitesse: To Modify the default speed of OUTPUT in milliseconds


To demonstrate this plugin here I have displayed an Image named zoro.jpg at coordinates (300,300) without any dialog box.

affpngv21 zoro.jpg /xpos 300 /ypos 300
Demonstration of AFFPNG Displaying a Single Image

For displaying multiple Images one after another we have to make a text file that contains the name of all the images separated by a comma. Then run the AFFPNG plugin with the path of the text file instead of the image. As in the example below, I have displayed 7 images with a time delay of 500 milliseconds.

affpngv21 script.txt /xpos 350 /ypos 400 /Vitesse 500
Demonstration of AFFPNG Displaying Multiple Images


As you can see, this plugin can help you in displaying an image without a dialog box. This will be a great help to programmers who don’t want their image to show inside a window for an application or program. For more plugins like this visit our site at Batch-man, you can also join our Discord and YouTube community. Thank you for reading this article. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them below.

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