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Update environment settings without rebooting-EnvUpdate by anic17

How would you handle a situation where we have to restart our system, so that a change can take place in software? For example, if you use BatCenter to install our tools from GitHub directly through CMD, you need to log off/log on so it can work properly. That is where the EnvUpdate plugin comes into play, as it removes the need to actually restart or log off. This program can update environment settings without rebooting or logging off, using the WM_SETTINGCHANGE system calls. This plugin is created by Anic17. You can download this plugin from our GitHub.

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Usage and Syntax

As for the syntax of this plugin, you just need to call EnvUpdate in your CMD. Once called, you can run the PowerShell script in the background, to update environment settings without rebooting or logging off.

Call EnvUpdate


  • ver : Displays version of the program
  • help : Displays help for the program

Example: call EnvUpdate

We can check whether the EnvUpdate is successful or not by using the command below. If this command gives 0 as output that means EnvUpdate was successful.

echo %errorlevel%

Demonstration of EnvUpdate

Below, I have demonstrated how to use EnvUpdate. As you can see here, the output of the error level is 0, implying that EnvUpdate was successful in updating the environment of the system.

Here is a script that runs in the background to update environment settings, without rebooting or logging off, using WM_SETTINGCHANGE system call.


This article was about the plugin EnvUpdate, which is used to update environment settings without rebooting or logging off. This plugin will be very helpful in saving time by not rebooting the entire system and instead just running a command in CMD. For more plugins like this visit our site at Batch-man, you can also join our Discord and YouTube community. Thank you for reading this article. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them below.

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