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Taking Control of Your Command Prompt: Title Command

Welcome to the world of command-line interfaces! The Windows Command Prompt (CMD) has been a trusted tool for executing commands, navigating file systems, and automating tasks. But did you know that you can take your command prompt experience to the next level? In this article, we’ll delve into the Title command, a simple yet powerful customization option that allows you to personalize your command prompt window. Get ready to unlock new possibilities and make your command prompt truly yours!

To further illustrate the usage and practical applications of the Title command, you can watch the following YouTube video:


The basic syntax of the this command in CMD is as follows:

title [title]

The [title] parameter is the text you want to use as the title of the CMD window. When the command is executed, the title of the window will be changed to the specified text.

Set the title-To change the title of your command prompt window, simply type “title” followed by the desired text. For example, if you want to set the title as “My Command Prompt,” you would enter:

title My Command Prompt Session

Once executed, the CMD window’s title will immediately change to the specified text as shown below.

Changing the title dynamically– The title command in CMD can also be used to change the title dynamically, based on the current directory or other variables. To do this, use the “%” character to combine the command with other commands or variables.

title Current Directory: %CD%

This would change the title of the CMD window to “Current Directory: [directory]”, where “[directory]” is the name of the current directory.

Changing the title for batch files– This can also be utilized within batch scripts or automation workflows to dynamically set the window title during script execution. This can be particularly useful when running lengthy or complex scripts, as it provides visual cues about the progress or purpose of the script.

To use the title command within a batch script, simply include the following line at the appropriate place:

title My Batch File

This would set the title of the CMD window to “My Batch File” when running the batch file.


The title command in CMD provides a simple yet effective way to customize and personalize your CMD windows. Whether you want to provide descriptive titles, display system information, or add your own branding, this allows you to make your CMD experience more tailored to your preferences. By leveraging this command, you can enhance your productivity, organize your workspace, and create a more enjoyable command-line experience. So go ahead, experiment with the title command, and make your CMD truly yours. For more articles like this visit our site at Batch-man, you can also join our Discord and YouTube community.

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