AS1-T1 | The Heliostat project – 1 year Research

As you all know, that I have been working on my heliostat project from a long time now. I am really thankful to you all guys and especially my special team partner to give me a helping hand, whenever I needed an idea or helpful suggestion, and Funding the project.

I want you to be clear about things that – This AS1 Heliostat project is a closed source project which is funded externally for its successful completion. But, Still I got the permission to share my research results through Batch-Man platform with all of you guys – so, we can all learn together about Computer programs and managing hardware through programming.

Learning in any form is great in making you into a better human being.

How it started?

The Idea about creating this project came for fulfilling the need for sunlight in the areas where direct sunlight is not possible due to design/geometric limitations of the architect of the building/surroundings. In simple words, the need was to keep the sunlight pointed at a desired place throughout the day (from sunrise to sunset).

The current setup of AS1 is doing exactly the same as needed and you will see the research results videos attached below in this article. But, for the acceptance of real scenario – I have to accept some tolerance range for the expected results.

From the Start to today

The following video playlist contains the progress from the beginning of the project till the updates about it today. And, I will be keeping the playlist updated throughout the my research.

AS1 Heliostat progress Research Playlist

Future Scope

As explained before, this is a closed source project and I do not have complete authority to share the Code. But, later this project is going to be available for everyone to buy and use for their purposes. There are many applications of this heliostat project – from energy production enhancement to personal daily user needs. I will be enlisting them in a complete separate website, dedicated to only AS1 project.

I will be releasing all those details about the platform, to order AS1, and other information via the dedicated website. Meanwhile, along with this project, I am still continuing the Open source – Batch-man platform to share my hobby programming projects.

Right now, I am using the AS1 Heliostat for redirecting sunlight to my North facing room, where I can not get direct sunlight due to the geometric positioning limits. But, Now I can enjoy a part of Sun’s heat and light throughout the day.

See the Progress that I am most proud of in the production of this project from scratch in the last entire year.


In the end, I will say that – updates about this project will be released on this platform more in the future – both on Youtube and Website. If you guys have any suggestion to make this better. or If you wanna buy this – Please leave a comment below or you can also contact me @ Thank you for your time and I will see you soon.

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