If anyone reading this has worked with WINPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) before, you’ll know it can be a pain in the butt to create, manage, and modify the drives.

If you’re not sure what WINPE is you should:

  1. Feel ashamed of yourself
  2. Read this doc from Microsoft

Long Story Short, WINPE is a tool used to install windows 10 but can also be very useful since it provides a very simple and feature-cut CMD.exe window with no restrictions For example, you can modify system32 without knowing the system’s admin password. It’s kind of like safe-mode on steroids.

The DISM tools themselves are actually batch based (really cool), but unfortunetly have some errors in them that make the code crash frequently (not so cool).

What is WDM?

The WINPE DISM Manager (WDM) helps bypass DISM’s common errors and even has optimized versions of the DISM tools in its code. WDM by IT Command adds a colorful text-based interface for managing WINPE Drives. It also adds some awesome features like backing up drives and previewing changes.

Check out this quick 30 second commercial for it:

Here is a more in-depth demo of the tool:

WDM guides you through the following:

  • Set up your computer with DISM tools from Microsoft
  • Create WINPE Drives and handle common errors within it automatically
  • Mount and Unmount drives
  • Backup and Restore Drives
  • easily edit the base WINPE image that is installed on drives
  • View what’s mounted, where, and when it was mounted

There are some features currently in development

  • Multiple named backups
  • Mounting multiple drives
  • Adding a menu to install common WINPE software automatically (much later down the roadmap).
  • Adding built in features like .NET with a simple command window.

There are some things we’re stuck on but would love any help from the community:

  • Keeping WDM from closing during certain DISM tasks where the developers made it exit all cmd windows instead of the current instance
  • Save from WINPE drive to ISO file
  • Basic bug fixing

WDM has been a near three year project and is still being added to every few months.

Try it out and start messing with WINPE now!

Download directly from the repo for the latest updates and features. For a more stable version, download the latest public release!

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