GitHub Repositories structure SOP

In GitHub maintaining a structure of repositories is very important. As it will make it easy for the user to understand a plugin.

Plugin- It is the name of the repository. It is the main folder that contains all the files of a repository. Below is an example of an open repository and folder that it contains.

Below is a small description of the folder present inside a repository.

  • Demo- Demonstrate the plugin to make it easy for users to understand.
    • exe file to run the demo- This folder generally has the same .exe file which is also in the bin folder bin. Additionally, there are also other .exe files that might be needed to execute the demo.
    • demo files
  • src- The source code of the plugin and other essential files required by the plugin. The developer can use the source code as a backup if the source code of the plugin somehow gets deleted from their desktop.
    • additional related files
  • bin- This folder contains the .exe file which anyone on GitHub that is going through the plugin can download and use
    • .exe file for user
  • changelog.MD
  • license- This contains the copyrights for the plugin so that someone cannot misuse the plugin.
  • readme file- the description of the plugin with its syntax and demonstration.