Project Manager SOP

As a Project manager, You have some responsibilities in the team. Please note that Responsibilities are NOT RULES. The sense of being responsible for someting gives you a positive mindset, while sense of following a rule – always generates the fear of breaking the rule.

So, Here in Batch-Man – I would prefer my team members to have a responsible mindset. Which activates their common sense (Common Sense is not so common), to do what is needed for them to accomplish their responsibilities.

  1. Keep the communication alive among the team members. (avoid communication gap)
  2. Act as a common point for all the team members.
  3. Keep the Project flow smooth, if something hinders a project to complete – take charge of the situation and provide/ask for the help to get proper results.
  4. Do the Right Thing.
  5. Always ask Constructive Questions.
  6. Be aware about the platform and team member details.
  7. Train the team members, when they ask for help. But, Never do their work for them. In other words, Do not give them the fish (that will feed them for a day) – instead teach them to fish (that will feed them for their entier life).
  8. Encourage team members for learning and expanding their potential and skillset.
  9. Let other team memebers know, that they are responsible for the task given to them, in a positive way. In other words, let team members know – It is their responsibility to accomplish the given task in given time.

If you have any questions, or want to suggest anything regarding this SOP, you can contact Karanveer chouhan aka Kvc to make changes.