Batch-Man Communication SOP

Communication is essential for the team in Batch-Man. Because of this, we have written an SOP in order to stream-line the way team communicates. This is to reduce confusion & increase teamwork. 

Our primary communication methods are:

  1. The Discord Server (for general team communication), 
  2. The Team Trello (for communication related to individual tasks/projects) 
  3. Direct messaging on Signal/Discord DMs.

 This SOP will outline when and where to use those communication methods.

Where to communicate:

  • If your message is regarding a project that is actively being worked on in Trello, then post your message/information in the Trello Card
  • If your message has not been replied to/acknowledged, it is okay to ping members in the Discord.
  • If you are making a conversation that can be seen by the whole team, casual conversation with staff (that is not related to any card on Trello), use the Discord Server in staff chat. Anything related to moderation should be discussed there.
  • If you have a private concern or do not think the team needs to see your message, direct message them on Discord or use Signal.
  • Keep in mind that some members do not have Signal, and so direct messaging over Discord is a viable alternative.

How to communicate:

  • We are all working together on our tasks, and so we need to be open to constructive criticism and new ideas/suggestions.
  • If you are going to be inactive then please notify the team, so that they are able to adapt their tasks to your absence. We all have a life that comes first.
  • If you are uploading files or creating new Trello Cards, please use the plugin template for things such as Articles, Videos and Projects. And always be sure to ping relevant members and fill in the description of the card. “We can’t work together, if we do not have a shared idea of what we are working on.
  • Bear in mind the timezone differences in our team. Some members are in India, others in the US and others in European Countries. For quick reference, 10:30 PM PST in the US is 12:00 PM IST in India.
  • If you have dropped a msg to another team member, give them at least 24 hrs. to respond, as we do not prefer Cyborgs in our team, who always stick to the notifications of their phones. We all have a life, that comes first.

Please read this article carefully, and internalize the points I have made here. This will benefit our work on the platform. Please seek out Kvc or ZeekHalkyr for suggestions on the SOP.